French for administrative formalities with The Witcher 3

▶The pronoun « quoi »
▶Learn vocabulary for administrative formalities/procedures
▶Learn casual French

About the game
The Witcher 3, from Polish studio CD Projekt RED, has been voted 251 times « Video Game of the Year 2015 » . Its graphics, scenario, music and gameplay are all exceptional. However, as it contains scenes of violence and nudity, as well as vulgar language, it is intended for an adult audience. That hasn’t stopped the game from selling more than 30 million copies worldwide.
Developper CD Projekt RED (Poland)
ESRB M (North America: 17yo+) PEGI 18  (Europe: 18yo+ )
Platforms PC, PS4, XBox One, Switch


  1. Video
  2. PDF with questions and exercises (for printing)
  3. Questions and exercises (for web browsing)
  4. Dialogues transcript (extracts) – PAGE 2
  5. Answers – PAGE 3


In the video, you will find grammar and vocabulary explanations, followed by the extracts to test your French and exercise!

To play the video directly on YouTube, click here (open a new tab)

PDF with questions


Extract 1

  1. What is the opposite of « exact »?
  2. What is the opposite of « vraisemblable »?
  3. What does Geralt need to reactivate his bank account?

Extract 2

  1. Find an expression in the dialogue that is synonymous with « Comment puis-je vous servir ? » (extrait 1)
  2. To get the necessary document, did Geralt go to the right counter? Oui / Non

Extract 3

  1. To get the necessary document, did Geralt go to the right counter this time? Oui / Non
  2. To obtain the first document, which new document does Geralt have to get?

Extract 4

  1. What are the bank tellers talking about ?
    a) Elles parlent de la mode passée.
    b) Elles parlent de la mode à venir.
    c) Elles disent que Geralt n’est pas à la mode.
  2. Who is Geralt looking for ?
  3. What happened in this extract ? Choose the best summary.
    a) La femme que cherche Geralt n’est pas là et il repart.
    b) La femme que cherche Geralt est là mais ne veut pas lui parler.
    c) La femme que cherche Geralt est là mais il ne la voit pas.

Extract 5

  1. Find in the dialogue a synonym of « manifestement » (extrait 1).
  2. What does « c’est un jeu d’enfant(s) » mean?
    a) C’est un jeu uniquement pour les enfants.
    b) C’est une tâche facile.
    c) C’est un jeu facile à comprendre.
  3. In Cianfanelli Bank, which document is the hardest to get ?

Extract 6

  1. What does « rien ne marche » mean?
    a) Personne ne bouge.
    b) Tout échoue.
    c) Tout fonctionne.
  2. To get the necessary document, what does Geralt have to show?
    Il doit faire preuve d’………………………
  3. How does he need to behave ? Il doit être……………………

All the extracts (extract 1 to 6)

  1. Complete Cianfanelli Bank slogans:
    a) Le client est ………… et nous veillons sur ………………………. comme si c’était ……………………
    b) ………. intérêts sont ……….. intérêts et le client a …………………………………

Did you answer all the questions ? If you’re stuck somewhere, look at the transcript on page 2 and try to find the answer. After that, check the correct answers on page 3 !


  1. Use the interrogative pronoun « quoi » to change the questions below from formal language into casual language.
    a) Qu’est-ce que tu manges ?
    b) Qu’est-ce que tu regardes à la télévision ?
    c) Tu as besoin de quelque chose ?
  2. Use the relative pronoun « quoi » with the right preposition to combine the 2 sentences.
    a) Il parle de quelque chose. Je ne comprends pas.
    Je ne comprends pas _______ il parle.
    b) Marie va faire du shopping. Après, elle va aller au cinéma.
    Marie va faire du shopping, _________, elle va aller au cinéma.

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