Listening Exercises with Monster Hunter World – To Banquet!

▶ Give a command or express an intention to do something, casual French
🖊 Questions about a dialogue
⏰ 30 minutes

About the game
Monster Hunter World by Capcom is an Action-RPG set in a fantasy world, where you hunt dinosaur-like monsters and dragons with other players. This is the most successful game from Capcom with 16 million copies sold by the end of 2020. It’s also the first Monster Hunter to be fully dubbed in French!
Developper Capcom (Japan)
ESRB T (North America: 13yo+) PEGI 16  (Europe: 16yo+ )
Platforms PS4, X Box One, Windows PC.


  1. Video
  2. PDF with questions
  3. Questions and exercises
  4. Extracts transcript (dialogues) – PAGE 2
  5. Answers – PAGE 3


In the video, you’ll find the extracts to test your skills and level up your French!

To watch the video on YouTube, click here! (open a new tab)

PDF with questions


Here’s some vocabulary!

Main Characters

Le Commandant
Le Voyageur

Extract 1

  1. When he congratulates the members of the Research Commission, The Commandant doesn’t say directly « Je vous félicite pour vos vaillants efforts », but:
    ……………………………………….. vous féliciter pour vos vaillants efforts.
  2. Does the Handler (l’assistante) regret her decision to participate in the Research Commission? Oui / Non
  3. The Seeker (le Voyageur) praises the people in the Commission. Why?
    a) Because all members of the commission work on their own.
    b) Because the members form a homogenous group.
    c) Because although motivated by individual interests, the members manage to work as a group when necessary.
  4. Write the 3 adjectives the Seeker uses to characterize the Commission members.
  5. What was the main objective of the Commission in the New World?
  6. When asking if the Commission members would be OK to stay in the New World, The Commandant doesn’t say directly « Nous vous proposons de continuer vos travaux. », but:
    ……………………………………….. vous proposer de continuer vos travaux.
  7. Now the mission is completed, and the Commander proposes to the members of the Research Commission to leave and return, or to stay. What does he think they will do?
    a) Leave.
    b) Stay.
  8. How do the members react? Will they leave or stay?
    a) They want to leave the place.
    b) They are determined to stay in the New World.
    c) They hesitate between staying and leaving.

Extract 2

  1. The Nergigante is a monster that appeared to protect Nature’s equilibrium. Vrai / Faux
  2. Hunters’ activities put Nature’s equilibrium in danger. Vrai / Faux
  3. Write in the correct order all the sentences that express a command, an order, an invitation to do something or an intention to do something. Hints are given in brackets.
    a) (“Nous” + present tense)
    b) (starts with an adverb)
    c) (starts with a preposition)
    d) (que + subjunctive)
    e) (a noun)
    f) (imperative mood)
    g) (“On” + near future tense)
    h) (expression that express injunction)
    i) (noun group without verb)
    j) (interjection)
    k) (starts with a preposition)
    l) (imperative mood)
    m) (a noun – second time)

Did you answer all the questions ? If you’re stuck somewhere, look at the transcript on page 2 and try to find the answer. After that, check the correct answers on page 3 !

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