If you like video games like me, and if you are now studying French at school or university for more than 6 months, this website is made for you!
On 3D FLE.org, you find learning material to improve your proficiency in French using French dialogues of video games.

Learn French With Video Games Dialogues

Ressources generally consist in 1 video + questions + transcript + answers.

About the videos

  1. each video is approximately 10 minutes long and contains:
  2. 1 grammar topic Ex. Imperative sentence
  3. translation of the most important vocabulary of the dialogues (see 4.)
  4. several short extracts of video game dialogues in French

Studying method (recommendation)

Each video comes with a PDF file, where you will find questions for the extracts and exercises that go with the topic.

And… yes. Exercises and progresses goes hand-in-hand!
But hey, these are exercises while watching video games!!


  1. Print the PDF
  2. Watch the video (on YouTube or on website)
  3. Answer the listening question while watching the extracts and do the exercises ← This will bring you to the next level!

You can watch the extracts as many times as you want and even check the dialogues transcript on the site if you’re stuck with the listening.

Finally, you can check the correct answers directly on the site. Congratulation for your level up!!

*Ressources on 3DFLE.org are not meant to be used by complete beginners in French. If you’re a perfect beginner in French, go get some levels, and come back later! =)


In « Others/その他 », you find video about French society or recent issues (SNS pros and cons, wearing a mask during the pandemic, etc.). These are useful if you’re studying for DELF exam (B1-B2 or higher) or if you want to improve your French for debate and discussion. Videos have French, English and Japanese subtitles, and you can read the transcript.
However, they usually come without grammar explanation and exercises.

I hope you’ll find some content that suits you!
Thanks for reading!