Listening Exercises with Need For Speed Payback – Casual French and slang #2 (Mini)

▶ Vocabulary related to cars, driving and competition, casual French and slang, French to tease friends
🖊 Discriminative Listening
⏰10 minutes

About the game
Need For Speed Payback is a racing game with open-world elements, set in a fictional version of Las Vegas. Although the game itself received mixed ratings, French dubs are top-notch!
Year 2017
Developper Electronic Arts/Ghost Games (Sweden)
ESRB T (North America: 13yo+) PEGI 12  (Europe: 12yo+ )
Platforms PS4, X Box One, Windows PC.


  1. Video
  2. Questions
  3. Answers and translation – PAGE 2


In the video, you’ll find the extract to test your skills and level up your French! Consider printing the PDF and checking the questions before watching the video!


Without pausing the video during the race, correctly number the sentences from 1 to 18 (there is 1 sentence too many).
Consider reading the sentences before viewing the race! It goes fast!

Ah ouais !
Boom ! Tu t’es cru dans une auto-tamponneuse ?
C’est maintenant ou jamais !
C’est parti !
Ça va. Ça va, ça va…
Et me voilà premier !
Hé, vous roupillez ou quoi ?
Je t’aurai !
Je… ça va. J’ai bien fait de mettre ma ceinture !
Les gars, vous avez aucune chance !
OK, ça a frotté, mais c’est passé.
Prems !
Prépare-toi, je suis chaud bouillant, là !
Presque, presque…
Quelle bande de dingues !
Tranquille ! Voilà, premier !
Tu rêves !
Vous allez pas y arriver, les gars !
Vous m’aurez pas !

Check the correct answers on page 2 !