Listening Exercises With Broken Sword 5 #2 La résurrection d’Henri

💪 Understand a situation, vocabulary of cosmetics
🖊 Comprehension Listening
⏰ 20 minutes

Game Broken Sword: The Serpent’s Curse
Revolution Software
T  ( Teens)
Windows, Mac, PS4, X Box One, PS Vita, Switch, iOS, Android


  1. Video
  2. Questions
  3. Transcript – PAGE 2
  4. Answers – PAGE 3


Consider printing the PDF or the webpage before watching the video!


  1. What is George looking for?
    a) the key of Henri’s appartement
    b) the key of Henri’s safe
    c) the key of the toilets
  2. Bijou wants only one thing. What is it?
    a) a new dog
    b) to dance with someone
    c) to dance with Henri
  3. The only person Bijou will give the safe’s key is…
    a) George
    b) Nico
    c) dead
  4. What does George do to get the key kept by Bijou?
    a) He seduces Bijou
    b) He threatens Bijou
    c) He pretends to be Henri
  5. Connect each object George uses to disguise himself with the place he uses it, and cross out the items he doesn’t use.
ex : une bande de cire→ le chien empaillé
des poils de chien dans la cire
du fard à paupières
une brosse à cheveux
une fleur de jasmin blanc
les lunettes d’Henri
un coton-tige
le parfum « Bret » d’Henri
du vernis à ongles
le parfum de Bijou

dans la boutonnière de sa veste
ses cheveux
devant ses yeux
sur sa bouche
sur son cou

If you’re stuck somewhere, look at the transcript on page 2 and try to find the answer. After that, check the correct answers on page 3!